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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 17, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: well, we did it, buddy. we got through 1,501, only seven seconds to go. geoff: that's it, the widow-maker. you should be proud of yourself. croim i'm not always proud of myself. but when i am craig: i'm not always proud of but when i am craig: i'm not always proud of myself but when i am i --
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a special tribute to one of the victims of a deadly yacht accidents to unique connection to the giants walked up and pointing to a thriving black market tonight the new tactic to got reception behind bars. did wait thieves targeting last- minute tax filers the scam that could cost you your refund to and how one irs loophole is helping them get away with it. + y becoming an internet sensation turned into a lucky break for this loyal lab. if ibm can best yet.
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tonight the giants remember when the victims of a deadly yacht race crash this cell but crashed after running into big waves and the fair lawn islands on saturday the coast guard recovered the body of mark cash in and it suspended the search for the force don't for the missing and preserved dead alan k. l. jordan fawn unmoral receive and alexis pushed the first back girl for the giants. elizabeth cook shows us a special tribute for tonight's big game and felix's bush called home fans coaches and players stood in silence to remember one of their own. giant president larry baer remembers alexis when she was a little girl. she grabs the ball park she group of the giants were dad was once the team's executive vice presidents alexis was always by his side it in uniform. and the
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first person to congratulate barry bonds after he made his 500th home run that handshake and high 5 it's that plates in some places very same moment of pure joy that for the bush family seems very far away tonight. this is a shock. ends the giants' family are in shock and her father didn't want to talk to reporters but issued this statement nothing will fill the void that alex has left in the life of everybody she touched but she will always be in your heart and we hope in yours. tonight was about saying goodbye but anyway it was also about welcoming her back home. it is a place of the family felt was very comforting. she became a
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confidant for some of the younger players alexis bush's 26 years old. women never know exactly what kind of waves the fall mission branch simulator at the california maritime academy in vallejo the less a pretty good idea today in instructor at the academy said at the location and the conditions that the crew experienced this began to 15 to 20 ft. waves to the rocky shore of the fair lawn it can get pretty violent and progress. the waves, the boats and you start floating. and he can be knocked on the book very easily. the instructor says the high seas most sailors teston with a rope that is connected to the boats is unclear tonight whether the sailors on a low-speed chase or where in the year. the san francisco yacht club at the facebook page honor and a loss
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victims you can find a link to the memorial on our web site cbs sf dot com their locked up with a thriving black market is helping some of our most dangerous criminals stay connected with the outside world is a problem that has plagued the prison system for years but now the state has a new tactic to cut cellphone reception behind bars to the rest goodrich explains why it will not cost taxpayers a dime. more than 15,000 black market cellphones confiscated in state prisons last year alone the california department of corrections and rehabilitations uses a team of belgian shepherds to say about cellphone smuggled in even when inmates had them in unusual places. the cans are able to sift through that but with coffee spices in the butter and olive oil. and now a
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new contract and made use this cell providers to make authorized calls in exchange the company will block unauthorized sell signals including phone calls text messages e-mail's and attempts to access the internet. the least half of them have some sort of face but that they're using using them to run organized crime rings december is hit and in the case of sex offenders stop their victims. and not a couple of occasions we have to talk to a few inmates to have been bothering the victims of the crime under state law prisoners are forbidden to use mobile phones and fax getting busted with one can add 90 days 3¢ even so many inmates are still smugly nevin the new technology to block so-called will enable the department of corrections to crack down on potentially dangerous communications by inmates this system was tested
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at two prisons over an 11 day period. and a lot more than 25,000 unauthorized sell signals. this new tactic to block calls is expected to be in place by the end of the year. entries the juliet's goodrich cbs five. it teenage rape victim who spent 25 days locked up has been released from juvenile hall and a judge freed the 17 year-old girl today for the they gps monitoring device the d.a. order that the man be jailed prior to that she skipped two court appearances and the charges against the suspect were briefly dropped. its a good day for my client. obviously she was suffering in incarceration and i'm glad she has been released. it will 23rd. police are following new leads to the search for a scare lamar it's
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been one month since the morgan help team was last seen in tonight friends and family held a vigil. in and tell on their renewed hope for some answers. 1400 tips of coming from the public but today's new leads are from the high-tech crime lab in santa clara county makes a tip from the public anymore or less than a dozen the ripples in a report reporting from evidence is something more significant step does not i did not get test results from the cellphone in a bad ever close found near her home in morgan hill and may be a significant development of these is something substantial we just don't know if these leads it would depend out i'm optimistic that law-enforcement agencies are doing everything they possibly can to return safely to u.s. tonight in balloon released to mark the disappearance from her home exactly one month ago
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is really hard it's hard to talk earlier its been so long. in morgan help get those cbs five. it turns out there's not a single neighborhood unaffected by violent crime in this city of oakland to most blame police layoffs and other residents are trying to take back their streets at this silly and unofficially robert lisle on citizen officers. they came from monday. have not been robbed i know people who have been people on the streets have been eased oakland. even as far as brentwood and the crime from youth to adults to infants. 45 ordinary people hoping to make an extraordinary difference in oakland's is in police academy so much so because of the 20¢ jump in violent crime i'm hopeful still full citizens are
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not this woman is hiding her face. i thought we had been shot at. she was chased by shooter in broad daylight. this passenger shot to death and they tried to escape and the macarthur exit and that's had of brazen shooting on the streets what is that saying about it? and st. we have a lot of work to do the bay area street safety patrol is no longer waiting for police because everybody deserves to be safe and we been getting a lot of calls in this area street patrol knows i wonder few that support any action vigilante is them deserted tonight but are 45
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people enough time will tell. and oakland robert while cbs five. developing news at delay a 6.5 earthquake struck about two hours ago it was centered 30 mi. northeast of valparaiso peebles said they felt that from a cement is no reports of damages or injuries chile is known for powerful earthquakes in fact years ago and 8.8 magnitude quake there kills more than 500 people. the secret service sex scandal is widening the new twist to the prosecution allegations during the president's trip. it's easy to do is less violent and very lucrative thieves love last-minute tax filers the scam that could rob you of your refund before you even get its and the special reward for dogs known aro,,,,,,,
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starting to 91 northbound lane it is going to shut down. live pictures from all 59 will be closed from 8:00 p.m. until noon until 9:00 p.m. on the weekend that will allow the crews removed utility pap ways that contain asbestos than next friday that 27 of the crews will
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fully closed down for three days in a row san francisco-based executive was not the today but he invoked his right to remain silent. did you approve the funding i respectfully decline to answer based on the fact that the men and privileges? he planned to lavish general services in ministration conference in las vegas in 2010 that cost taxpayers $823,000 he faces a criminal investigation and is on paid administrative leave the inspector general is investigating other possible wrongdoing within the gsa including bribery and kickbacks the secret service has revoked the top security clearances for all 11 agents tied to a prostitution investigation during the presidential mission to colombia. let the boss down because no one is talking about what went on in colombia other than this incident. the joint
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chiefs chairman is disappointed took attention away from president obama's visit meanwhile we're learning more about the secret service agents involved some of them are part of an all these tactical team trained to use heavy weapons to fight back against an attack against the president sources say the secret service members are mostly support personnel sent to colombia along with the presidential communications equipment in advance to the president's arrival the trouble began early thursday when the team was staying and law- enforcement sources place one of the secret service members got in a noisy public argument with a prostitute overpayment of a prisoner called the embassy was notified it: to the director mark sullivan director sullivan was outraged and pull the team out of colombia in " two seconds. sullivan then told the senior staff we're going to get to the bottom of this and told everyone accountable. by
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saturday morning the 11 were in washington where there were interviewed by a secret service office a professional responsibility not of those called home more involved with to protecting the president's dances the actions of the 11 did not cover my security the point out there hundreds of other security personnel to the right thing the secret service veterans concede the scandal undermines public confidence and raises questions about the culture inside the agency of more cbs news washington. the irs says as many as a quarter way until the last weekend not the last minute but con artists are not waiting. john miller on the scam that can put your refunded risk even if we get it. how could someone do this by sending his life this military family was a victim of
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a growing crime wave tax return fraud the social security numbers and other personal data from the debt and debt and living and then file a return in their name a court is the irs identity thieves tried to claim $6.5 billion last year alone. he's still got a former gang members who are now involved in a tax-free fund identity theft schemes because it is easier it is easy to do it is less violent and it's very lucrative. easy to do especially with electronic filing and the irs does not automatically cross check all returns against employers' payroll records before a refund position. u.s. postal inspector tom willis even seen cases where multiple returns were filed using one stolen identification right now the irs this so far in the matching of the information is months before they even
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realized the money's been stolen. to the victims in this case? also the victim here is the american taxpayers because it is millions hundreds of dollars in the scheme is not going to the treasury in most cases the criminals to the same penalties as anyone else filing a false tax return about 35 years in prison. for don ritter was not enough. all the people that did this to act and to all those other families and future families could be protective of want justice to be done because so many people are filing electronically only to bay area post offices are spending their hours tonight when oakland in the other in san jose. a lucky break for a little lad who has become an internet sensation and she's going home tomorrow. you've probably seen the video that is maggie. guarding the body of another dog who is hit and killed by car in southern
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california last week despite dozens of people offering to adopt monday she will go back to her family. this saw the video and claimed her today in los angeles and shelter. the tire here for a couple of days and all of us to say the least to have fallen in love with her animal care workers were getting the dogs out of the streets at the same time maggie's family,,,
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unevenness in the we had a has from 16 degrees and have a monday to 70 degrees in livermore and also in call curtis let's head outside right now with our live with the camera looking out into the distance that is a bank of fraud. currently we're in the 50s across the board at the winston has decided and look their future cast because it clearly does illustrate that the thought of philip along the beaches and into the bay and then on top of that is another layer of how the clouds referred to as partly to mostly cloudy
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for your tuesday so balsas did with the air flow pressure remains well to the north and west word is getting sideswiped by that little tellep is under palin original pressure so overall most recorded skies overnight tonight with the areas of fog partly to mostly cloudy for tuesday by remaining on the mild side coming up friday and saturday. tonight overnight into the '40's and '50's tomorrow with the southwest breeze at 15 m.p.h. the numbers will top off near 70 degrees in morgan hill and gilroy coastal areas in the '50s otherwise pushing up for sixties in mountain view to san jose ben easter the day 67 degrees in on the creek the warmer in danville and pleasant and north of the golden gate bridge in reference to and sells leader to 69 in petaluma seventy in sonoma they get that air sunshine on thursday it we're talking in low 80s by friday and saturday herbert i. you've lost
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is returned to the ice for game 3 after 132 penalty minutes in game 2. the best we heard it seemed is to heard them on a scoreboard. dear police the startup and to extend the blue'' eighth game road playoff losing
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streak for is beer down one says they on the power play bridge during meets and how the defense and backhands and his first career playoff and it was ab the game was tied at one early in the second. the anti me make the initial save but can't stop the rebound and the st. louis the to one leading to the stars consent of the penalty box but 83 are well the sharks added two goals late spiced lose 43 the blues not take it to 1 series lead. i'm scratching my head on why you get three goals. it's obviously can't do that. will have to say that the box. did we would happen to reinvent the wheel when to do what we do are
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not when the save button it's huge. he can't regroup. we can't get the second win and then we start going. baseball the giants signed madison baumgartner to a five-year $30 million deal the left is just in the second year in the big leagues tenant comes first started the season and at&t parka's the phillies but don patinkin not help his struggles to be allowed five runs in six innings and the damage was done in the first glance next double gave the phillies a 4 month nothing lead and roy holliday it was given an early push with the cy young winner struck out six in eight innings as philadelphia wins five to two. the a's first game of many against robert coulson the angels scoreless in the first was the boss brandon mccarthy as first-timers' since may 2010 and gave the angels a 3
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nothing lead to jerry river perugia's six and two-thirds scoreless in the angels win six to nothing. it was no contest for the warriors against the spurs and oracle tem duggan scored 13 points in just 11 men's the lead by as many as 31.6 players were in double figures in the wind 120 to 99 and finally their beds first overall by the l.a. sports and today's w nba draft choose a key part of four straight final four teams at stanford a two-time conference player of the year and she leaves the farm is the program's second all-time leading scorer in ob the second no. 1 pick for stanford because no. 1 [ female announcer ]cause the laughing cow.
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